Thursday, April 07, 2011

Brotherly Love

The kids' first interaction with Tate went about as we had expected. Paige was super excited. She could hardly wait to give Traci the letter she made us:

"Congrations to Our New Baby. Love Paige." (She had also printed off and included the picture of Tate that I had texted to our parents. I guess that was to remind us what he looks like.)

She ran right over to look and him and gasped, "Oh, he's so cuuuute."

Curtis was indifferent to his new brother, but excited to find that he could see the train tracks from our window.

I took the kids from the hospital to Paige's preschool. On the way to the car she kept saying, "This is a special day because baby brother has joined our family. This is our special day."

Curtis was just happy that we were leaving so we could go home and play Rampage on the Wii.


Jessie said...

Spence--we are thrilled for you guys! Enjoyed the posts to get us up to speed on the little guy. You guys sure make cute kids.

virginia said...

aw. sweet little thing. congrats you guys!