Sunday, April 03, 2011

Feels Like Spring Time

At the start of the winter, I was this close to writing the following:

In continuation of the Utah-based guilt that got us hiking this summer, I am going to try to enjoy winter for once. 

But I didn't write it. And thus, I had no obligation to acknowledge the season. With yesterday's 70 degree weather, I thought I had successfully bested winter.

When it came roaring back this morning with four inches of powder, I figured fate was telling me something--namely, to get out and play in the snow with my kids.

Here's some pics of our adventures:

Curtis is up to no good

Paige is rocking the monkey hat I bought her in NYC and her gangsta attitude

Yes, this pose is still in her repertoire

Now we're officially ready for winter to depart.


Noahr said...

Love the monkey hat, but it's nothing without the pose.

su-tang 3000 said...

You know I've got to get my money's worth out of that hat.

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful kids! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the snow - somebody needed to!