Thursday, May 30, 2013

Curtis: Officially a Preschool Graduate

Big day for little Curt. Preschool graduation. For years, I've been writing about Curtis refusing to smile. Today was no exception.

During the little graduation program, the kids were giggling, and singing, and doing the actions for the songs. Not Curtis. That's not the kind of guy he is. 

Here's a little sample of his performance: (This is Curtis as his most enthusiastic. Seriously):

At the end, the teacher showed a little slideshow, including a few closeups of each of the kids. When Curtis' picture came up she said, "Here's Curtis. You can almost see his teeth. Believe me, that took a lot of work."

Traci kept commentating about how fast the two years of preschool has flown by. Curt does seem like a big kid, but when I think of him starting kindergarten in the fall, I'd like to slow down the clock a little bit.

Despite his stony exterior, he's really enjoyed preschool. His teacher is so sweet with him. At parent/teacher conference she said, "Curtis is a very confident boy and when he makes a decision, he sticks to it. These are very good traits." You'd think she was just using euphemisms for "stubborn," but she's from the Eastern Bloc--where Curtis' iron will really would take him far.

Smiles or no, we're sure proud of the little guy.

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