Saturday, April 25, 2015

Back on the Pitch

Today was the first day of Spring soccer. Tate was so excited about his new uniform that he hadn't taken it off since he first got it on Tuesday (he's even been sleeping in it).

Given my gimpy hip, I decided not to coach his team this season. It was nice to be able to just relax and watch Tate play. I've never seen a kid who spends more time smiling while he runs around. He had a hard time following the ball because he was too busy grinning--not at us, just at life in general. 

Tate also spends a lot of time falling down (he's learned from his older brother that ending every run with a dive or dramatic roll makes soccer way more fun). 

He did manage to score a goal--it was during a timeout, but he didn't know that and there was need to tell him otherwise--and that made him even happier. 

After all of that running and smiling, he went to bed exhausted--wearing his uniform, of course.

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