Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Big Money Vegas

I went to Las Vegas over the three-day weekend. My sister lives there so it’s a very inexpensive little getaway for Traci and me.

I’m too cheap to be a good gambler. I hate to see my money go down the drain, so Traci and I work the nickel slots. That way we can have a little fun gambling, but we’re not really going to lose much money.

This time was special. This time I hit the big money! I put in a dollar, pushed the little button, the numbers spun around and I won 140 credits! "I hit the jackpot!" I said excitingly. Man, 140 credits, that’s a lot.

It took a minute to do the math--140 nickels adds up to…let’s see here…$7. Not quite as exciting as I had originally thought. But, also considering the math, I made a 700 percent profit. I started with $1 and ended up with $7. It was enough to cover the McDonald’s breakfast we had eaten. I feel good about that.

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