Friday, September 24, 2004

What's the Deal with the Apprentice?

I'm just not down with this season of the Apprentice. First of all, I've never liked sitting through the clips of Donald Trump talking about how great he is, or showing off his vast wealth of material treasures. I endure it because I think the game is pretty good. However, this season it has been ridiculous. When Trump walks into a room, they play a fanfare. Give me a break!

I thought last night's episode sucked. The team loses because they are $5000 over budget. Only one person was responsible for the $5,000 and hence the only one responsible for the loss. Instead of firing her, Trump makes a spectacle about Stacie J. being crazy. Of course all the other girls are going to say she is insane so she gets fired instead of them. What's the point of firing her, Mr. Trump? Is it just so you can look cool by saying, "Go get all of the girls out the of the suite!" Duh.

I'm hoping it's going to get a bit better as the season progresses. I have no choice but to keep watching, though, because the O.C.'s not going to be on until November 4th. It's rough when TV lets you down.

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