Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pretty High on the List of Gross

I just walked in the restroom here at my work to brush my teeth. I could hear somebody talking. There was no standing at the urinals behind me. I glanced toward the stall and realized that was where the voice was coming from. At first I thought this person was talking to himself, but I quickly realized that he was on his cell phone.

I deliberately flushed one of the urinals, figuring it's only fair that if you are on a cell phone in a bathroom that the person you are talking to should also be aware of where you are. I don't think it phased him, though. As he kept talking I could hear him pulling out the toilet paper, taking care of business and flushing the toilet. He didn't miss a beat.

I left before he came out of the stall. I just hope he washed his hands and that no one asks to borrow his phone.

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