Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Dare You to Eat That

At lunch at the La Frontera with my coworkers...

Kaleb finds a gumball-sized piece of pork in his enchilada that is about 2 percent meat and 98 percent fat. Rather than be grossed out (La Frontera's questionable cleanliness is part of its charm), he says, "I'll pay someone 5 bucks to eat this."

Brian shakes his head, as do both Helen and I. Noah, however, answers in the affirmative. He takes the fat chunk and swallows it down. It seemed pretty anticlimactic.

"Was that worth 5 bucks?" I ask Kaleb. He shrugs his shoulders.

A few minutes later Noah makes a bad face and says, "It tastes like it's still in my throat."

"Now it's worth it," Kaleb adds with a satisfied smile. He then looks at Noah and says, "I don't have the 5 dollars right now, but I'm good for it."

I work in health insurance. This is about as exciting as it gets.

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Nicole said...

Oh wow...that reminds me of when I went to one of Nathan McEuen's shows in Hollywood last year. We ate at this 24-hour Jewish deli called Canters. I ordered the cheesecake, which was the most disgusting I'd ever tasted (it really was a bad concoction of stale bread and cream cheese mashed up and put into a triangle slice). Canters also puts out a bowl of gherkins on every table. After about two bites, I couldn't eat either the pickles or cheesecake without gagging. Over the course of the next hour, I played with he food on my plate, mashing up cheesecake and pickle bits. Just like old times, Nathan said "I dare you to eat a spoonful of that." I didn't want to disappoint, since it had been 6 years since I saw my old buddy. It was horrific, but at least he paid for my food. And yeah, La Frontera's charm does include the questionable cleanliness.