Friday, April 24, 2009

Hitchhiking to Sweden

On May 1, My #1 fav band of all-time, Millencolin, will be performing their #1 best album, Pennybridge Pioneers, in its entirety. The only drawback for a fellow like me is that it's in Sweden. Can anyone help me out with a plane ticket?

Here's the dealio:

"Satin has been the only club/bar with regular live shows in our hometown Örebro, Sweden for many years. This is where we've had pretty much all the official Millencolin Open parties and spent many other great party nights. Unfortunately the landlord have decided to not renew their contract so the first weekend of may will be the last of the Satin era.

We're celebrating the club by playing Pennybridge Pioneers from first to last song live as the last band on their stage! "

If memory serves me, I saw the band when they were touring this record in 2001. But not in its entirety. And, more importantly, this album has now fallen into the nostalgic-for-a-better-time-in-music category. Plus they recently did a "U.S." tour, but it only included New York and California. Hello, what about the rest of this country? So you can see why this is so important.

Buddy passes, anyone?

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