Sunday, April 05, 2009

Nacho Curtis

Somehow Curtis has managed to stick around for a year--despite trying his best to swallow any object he can get hands and chewing on every electrical cord he can find. Where has the time gone?

He's still not walking, just quickly crawling behind his big sister so he can terrorize her wherever she goes. He does, however, hoist himself up on everything that can support his, well, ample frame. (My favorite is when he I'm sitting on the ground and he grabs my, well, less than ample hair and pulls himself up.)

Today's he added a new move. He pulls himself up and then, for a split second, let's go--no hands! Because he's a tricky dude, he doesn't just let go, he puts his chubby arms way up in the sky like he's riding a roller coaster. And then...the crash. If it's me that he's pulled himself on, the result is a magnificent body slam. This causes him hysterical laughter. Our little luchador.

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