Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Back to School Blues

Paige went back to preschool today. This year she moved from two days a week to four, which seems like a pretty big jump. All summer, she's been talking about how excited she is to go back to school but when the moment arrived, it was a different story.

She was a little weepy when she woke up, not wanting to go to school everyday or meet new kids. (Who could blame her?) But when I picked her up this afternoon, she was in very good spirits.

"Dad, I have a new best friend. Shaylee is in my same group and her favorite color is yellow, just like mine. We're twins!" First day and already a best friend? You can't beat that.

And it gets better. You can imagine how our little #1-Chipmunks-Superfan daughter's eyes lit up when Traci told her there was a boy in her class named Alvin. See, new kids are great.

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