Saturday, September 25, 2010

Curtis v. Cypress Hill

I've always loved that guy in Cypress Hill who just repeats stuff. B-Real does all the hard stuff and then Sen Dog just echoes, "I'm insane in the brain!" or "How I could just kill a man" or whatever the chorus may be. And it's like that on every song. Brilliant!

Curtis is our little Sen Dog. Paige comes up with all the original content and then Curtis just mimics her. The only problem is that he has a bit of trouble keeping up. And thus the messages get a bit mixed up.

Paige: I think it's Sleeping Beauty, Mom.
Curtis: I think it's Sleeping Booby, Mom.

Paige: Over my dead body! [Why she says this, I have no idea.]
Curtis: I don't wanna go potty!

Keep working on it, little buddy, and someday you'll rise up to play to a supporting role in a Latin-based, gangsta rap group on a constant crusade toward the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.

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