Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Eels vs. Ted Kaczynski

I loved The Eels during the mid-'90s (many a fond dream of busing tables at the Red Robin to the sounds of "Novocaine for the Soul") and then again in the early '00s (though Traci still hates me for the time she was complaining about something and I responded to her with this quote, "Life ain't pretty for a dog-faced boy." Let that be a lesson to men everywhere, never refer to your wife as a dog-faced boy. In an context. Ever.).

I've tried in vain to enjoy just about anything from the past five records. Nevertheless, I still found it prudent to snatch up the opportunity to interview E, the one-named man behind the band.

I was worried he'd be a jerk but he was, in fact, quite cordial--if not a bit tight-lipped. If you'd like some more in-depth reading, check the article here. Or. if you're more aural, here are some of my favorite Eels tunes:

Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
Lone Wolf

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