Saturday, September 18, 2010

(South)West Side is the Best Side

I took my kids to Fizz Fest [I don't know why it was called this, as there was no fizz and little fest] at Daybreak today [the Stepford Wives community on Kennecott's "reclaimed" land, in the SW corner of SLC] so we could see my old boss Joy's [who is a man] band play.

I think Traci would like to move to Daybreak, if it were located in Murray. I must admit, I do like a lot of the houses and all of the parks and stuff.

But I couldn't live there. Why? Because everyone looks like me. The quote-unquote Fest was filled with tons of balding, pasty-skinned guys in their plaid cargo shorts. All of 'em were with their mega-pregnant wives and their gaggle of kids and having just as much fun as me.

Nope. Daybreak doesn't need another me.


I had this conversation with Paige.

[After meeting Joy] "Dad, your friend has dark skin."

"That's right, he does."


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