Thursday, November 18, 2004

Careful What You Wish For...

I've been really bummed out about my job situation lately. I've been looking for a job since I graduated in May. I was very happy when the community college extended an offer for me to switch from part time in the public relations department to full time in marketing. That was August. It is now almost the end of November and that position has yet to be posted. I have been sending out resumes to different places periodically, but in the last few days I have decided that I can't just wait around forever for a job that may never really happen.

I sent out a wave of resumes on Tuesday and got a call back from the Snapp Norris Group, a public relations firm in Draper, yesterday. They asked me for an interview today at 2 p.m. Of course my first reaction is to totally freak out and be nervous and have to worry about whether I am going to choose the right path if this leads to a fork in the road. I have spent so much time hoping for a new job that I am really nervous about the prospect of actually getting one.

So, I have two and a half hours to be stressed out and then everything will go right back to where it was before.

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