Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Old Lady Trapped in Bathroom! Anger Ensues!

One thing about working at a customer service job is that you are often exposed to very interesting experiences. Here's the latest from the credit union:

An old couple (I'm thinking in their 80s) came in a couple of days ago to use their safe deposit box. Before they left the credit union, the wife decided to use the restroom. All I can say is that it's a good thing her husband was with her.

Trying to leave the bathroom, she turned the doorknob. It wouldn't unlock, it just kept spinning. I guess after a few minutes her husband came to check on her. He tried unsuccessfully to help her get the door open before asking for our help. If he wasn't with her I don't know how long she would have been in there before somebody noticed or heard her.

The bank manager and the head teller were now over there trying to get the door open. Nothing. The next thing I hear is, "We've called the fire department and they'll be here is just a few minutes. Hang in there."

The fire department did in fact show up. I bet they love it when they get calls like "We've got a lady stuck in the bathroom here." Since the hinges of the door are on the inside they had no choice but to tear off the frame around the door to get the door off. The lady had been in there for about an hour before she was set free. The first thing she said after liberation was, "I'm never coming back here again!" Who could blame her?

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