Thursday, November 11, 2004

Running Frightened Away from the Village

In a rare act of spontaneity, Traci and I decided to take in a 10 o’clock dollar movie last night. I wanted to go see “The Bourne Supremacy” again, but Traci opted for something new. By process of elimination we ended up at “The Village.”

I’ll start by saying this: worst movie ever! For all of you out there that think M. Night Shyamalan is the greatest, I feel compelled to tell you that you are an idiot. The thought-provoking last five minutes of this movie does not make up for the preceding 115 mind-numbingly boring minutes, filled with slow-moving characters with misplaced accents.

On the upside, Traci and I were the only two people in the theater so it was like we were having our own private viewing. We only spent $3 for two tickets so it’s all good. After watching Judy Greer play Kitty, we went home to watch our Arrested Development DVD where she also plays a character named Kitty—only this character is actually good. Arrested Development, what an insanely funny show.

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Anonymous said...

Auntie Alice here again.

We absolutely LOVE Arrested Development too. THE best show on TV. I hear it's being canceled. Have you heard that rumor. Is it true? Write them and find out, Spencer.