Thursday, November 18, 2004

Worry Rock

I have returned from my job interview. I think that overall it went well. I was laughing to myself about the company's website, thinking that it looks just like everyone's site these days--super modern offices with super modern, hip, good looking people working in them. I think it's funny because real offices don't look like that. I now stand corrected. I walked in the front door and it was like I had just wanted into the website. I looked around and saw glass desks, lots of modern art and the ceiling that's just airconditioning piping and can lights. The only thing it was missing was the hip folks.

There seemed to be a lack of folks in general. I met with David, the interviewer, and he informed me that the company only had 12 employees and the majority them were off at a client pitch.

The interview went well, I think. Though I certainly failed when I was asked what technology magazines I read. My response: "None." It was an honest answer. (Lying wasn't a great options, inasmuch as I don't even know the name of any technology magazines)

I guess they'll call if they liked me. I'm not sure if this is somewhere I'd like to work if I was offered a job. I am always nervous to start something new, but I don't think that is a good enough excuse to hide from a new job.

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