Friday, November 05, 2004

"I think I could get in less trouble where I'm from"

It wasn't until last night that I realized that my life was missing something--bad teenage drama. Fortunately, The O.C. is back and just as over-the-top and unrealistic as ever. Loved it!

I was happy that Luke was back, though I fear it was a one episode deal. I was even more happy that Marissa is apparently even more crazy than last season.

Let me just say this--I know the acting is bad and that the plots are dumb, but hey, it's still fun to watch. In my opinion, a good show is one that forces you to yell at the TV, and The O.C. causes me to do a lot of that. Example dialogue between me and the TV, "Julie Cooper, duh! Of course Marissa doesn't want to talk to you! You slept with her boyfriend, remember?"

It sure was convenient that Ryan got let off the hook with Theresa's baby just by getting one visit from Sandy Kohen. What's up with that? I still think it's Eddie's baby, anyway.

The O.C. and The Apprentice on Thursday nights--is there any reason to leave the house?

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